REALLY, REALLY, REALLY check out all blogs on Wyndham prior to buying into there scam. The $23000 we paid was a complete waste of money and while we thought it would save us money over time, it turns out that anything we were interested in doing was not within our grasp at all!

Not the right member level, too many points, or just basically not available at all! We told the sales women we were avid cruisers and she said - you can do that too! After we received the members number and called it turns out we won't have enough points for years! We tried to get rooms at resorts but they are booked well in advance or blocked for members with higher status.

What a fricking waste of money.

I really feel the sales people sold us a lousy program that was made out to be a great way to vacation and 20% off their hotel chain - "super 8" - really?

A very dissatisfied customer. OBTW - I emailed the sales person back in Dec 2012 - guess what - no response....customer service sucks too - guess they got that commission and moved to the next target.

Monetary Loss: $23000.

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