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On April 9, 2012, my wife made an online reservation using her Wyndham Rewards points for a 1-night stay at the Ramada St Louis Airport North. This was the second reservation made at this facility for our return trip home. The first was made, also using points, on March 11, 2012, for 1-night, going on vacation. We got a confirmation for each reservation on the date(s) indicated and printed them out. We arrived for our 1st res and had no problem checking in. We also used their "Park and Fly" program since we were going to be away for more than 1-week. When we left on their 6am shuttle to the airport, we inquired about our return res and advised the desk clerk that we would be arriving after 11pm the following Friday. We were told that all we had to do was call them when we arrived back in St Louis and the shuttle would pick us up.

As scheduled, we were back in St Louis around 11pm and after collecting our bags, we called Ramada for a pick-up back to the hotel. I was informed then that they had canceled our reservation because "we were late" and would transport us to another hotel (Northwest Airport Inn??) which was another property owned by the Ramada owner. We were taken to a very seedy part of town to a run-down old hotel. It was occupied by mostly welfare recipients and had numerous shady characters wandering around the grounds, including hookers! They assigned us to a room on the 3rd floor in a building without an elevator. We had several bags, 2 of which were heavy and hard to carry with us. My wife went up to the room to inspect it and did not like it at all. There were children and some adults in nearby rooms making a lot of noise, and it was just not up to what we expected (something comparable to the Ramada rooms) so we decided not take it. I then called the Ramada back, demanding that we get picked up and taken to the Ramada, where our car was parked. The manager again said that there were no rooms available and I said he better find us one, either there or nearby.

We argued with the night manager trying to find out why our reservation was canceled. All he did was give us at least 3 different excuses as to why it was canceled. Finally, he told us the room was held until 10pm before he canceled it! That was only about 1-hr before we arrived in St Louis. He said we should have called, but I explained that I couldn't since we were in an airplane and could not use our cell phones, besides, we had mentioned our late arrival to the desk clerk when we left the week before and was assured that there would be no problem. My wife and I sat in the lobby waiting for the manager to come up with a room for us, either there or elsewhere, and finally around 115am he gave us a room in his hotel. He said that he canceled someone else's res as a No Show.

I figure the reason ours was canceled was because of the following: 1) we were using points; 2) it was a holiday weekend - Memorial Weekend; 3) he could get more for the room by renting it to someone else [cash or credit vs points].

So, what good are points AND a confirmation, only to have your res canceled at the whim of the on-duty manager?

Product or Service Mentioned: Wyndham Hotels And Resorts Rewards Program.

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This is why it is best to hold your own money and be in charge. When you buy these packages, you are allowing others to make decisions for you with your money.

WHY WHY would anyone want someone to spend their money for them. I just don't get it.


Was your credit card on the room?

A typical hotel policy is to cancel a room that does not have a card on it (referred to as a non guaranteed room) by 6 pm.

Now I realize that you were using the rewards points to purchase the room, and so I can see why the hotel would have decided to cancel it along with the rest of the non guaranteed rooms for that night.

It's still no excuse, the hotel was still in the wrong, I bet it came from unclear policy as to what should be done with rooms payed for by points not having a credit card. Since the hotel is not receiving any actual money for that room, I can see why they would be eager to cancel the reservation and sell the room.

Simple mistakes can lead to very unpleasant circumstances for guests. I work nights in a hotel, and I would never cancel a room paid for by points if we were at 100%, even if it means losing the money for the room. The hotel won't be bankrupted by losing revenue from a single room.

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