We were also promised a free cruise for attending the 90 minutes presentation for a Wyndham/Worldmark vacation property, then they take a $20 deposit to make sure you show up. When you show up, you have to sign that you understand this is a 120 minute presentation, but ended up being there for 3 hours.

We and other families with small children were told that each additional child on the cruise would be $39 additional. This, we later found out, is a complete lie. When we called the cruise booking, they said they've never heard of that. In fact, if you want to bring a child you will need to upgrade to another type of room.

Bottom line, the cost for this free cruise gift for wasting nearly 3 hours of your life turns out to be $2000+.

We've been to other timeshare presentations, they have all honored their promise of a free gift.

But no, not Wyndham. Shady practices.

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Cleveland, Ohio, United States #786833

My family has owned with Wyndham for 38 years and was the best investment for our sanity and family time. Very glad we did it.

It's not perfect but guaranteeing annual vacations in resort condos is a thousand times better then paying $100 a night at a Motel 6 miles from the beach! If you don't want to reward your family with vacations then obviously don't go on a timeshare sales presentation and lastly, wow do I feel bad for your family who will never get to relax in a 5 star resort on the beaches of Hawaii. A new car is a worse investment then vacations considering a car won't be new every single year for the rest of your life and your family's life's and yes you still will need to pay for oil changes, car washes, insurance, maintenance, repairs, warranties so stop with the complaints on maintenance fees, everything you own OR rent has maintenance fees. So sad the crabs in the bucket ruin it for those who know they deserve it and realize it's the same money they'll spend on vacations anyways!

I swear to God I do NOT work for Wyndham nor any timeshare company. PS Ponder on this: If people only knew what they've been missing out on with vacations, people who are used to staying in hotels and/or never can find the time or money to vacation who never experienced vacationing in a high class resort would experience the difference, there would be 1,000,000 more complaints about vacations then there are, meaning, there nothing to boast about renting a motel, but as for the one million Wyndham owners who have learned how to properly use it, they are too busy enjoying their vacations to post how happy they are. If ONLY two percent of one million consumers were unsatisfied (4% of consumers cannot be satisfied no matter what, even if whatever product they bought was perfect & FREE!) that equates to 40,000 complaints!!! But out of those one million product owners who are grateful for their purchase, how many are posting online how satisfied they are!?

I guarantee its a fraction of a fraction of the 2-4% of those who are unsatisfied even though the remaining 960,000 remaining satisfied owners is a much larger number than the 40,000 complainers.

Negativity travels faster and further, don't believe me? Watch one week of nightly news.


Just attended a Wyndmn presentation in Destin Fl. at the Majestic.

All I can say is stay away. The first best price was $25,000 the next after we said No was $19,000 then next best price after we said no was free vacation. The short presentation took for 3 hrs and No was not a good enough answer. In fact they acted pissed off that we wasted their time.

I rented a 3 bedroom condo in their resort for the week for under $600 so why would I want to pay almost $500 a month for 60 months. It is a rip off save your vacation for other things.

Don't waste your tiem or your money. I havea friend that has a time share through Wyndmn and she has yet to benefit from anything she was promised.


U sound like a mooch. Serves you right you leach

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