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First of all: I parked my vehicle in a parking spot where there was absolutely no sign on it what so ever that it is reserved for a manager. I went to my vehicle to get something, Chris asked me to move my vehicle to a different parking spot and I asked him what the difference is? He said: this is reserved for the manager. I didn't say anything and I went ahead and I moved my vehicle to a different spot.

Second of all: I went down to the front desk to find out if I can reserve the same room for a second night, nobody was in the front desk. After I waited almost four minutes, a gentleman came to ask me if I need help, I asked him if I can reserve the room for a second night, he checked the computer and he said: yes, you can, He went inside, talked to Chris. Chris came out and sat in front of the computer and said: No you can't, You have to check out tomorrow (what kind of a manger will say this statement to customer “You have to check out tomorrow"??!!. There is always a kind word and a disrespectful word in my opinion this is disrespectful statement, and I didn't pay attention to Chris. I went ahead and asked the first gentleman what is that mean? He said there is no rooms available. I turned around and walked out. If Chris is a real manager, he could have said " I am sorry we are all sold out or I am sorry there is no rooms available for tomorrow, or I am sorry we are booked for tomorrow just like any other kind-full respectful manager, not like the way he said it “You have to check out tomorrow"!!!

Third of all: at 9:20 pm the phone in our room ringed. I picked up the phone and it turned out to be Chris. He stated that: he is getting a complaint from the room underneath my room that there is a noise coming out of my room. there was absolutely no noise coming out from my room but the only thing that I had my four years old baby running around exited because we just got in, and no matter what you tell a four years old boy stop, he is not going to listen, but eventually he will stop. Then I asked him if he can change the room for me to downstairs just to cooperate with him and make him happy. He said there is none available, and then I remember that my room is exactly above the front office, so how could a customer complain if my room is above the front desk. Isn't this a lie?? I asked him what is your name? He said Chris and that when I found out his name was Chris. I didn't know that before. I asked him: do you have anything against me? Did I do anything to you Chris? Did I know you before? He said why? I told him you had been rude to me since the minute I walked in and I asked him is this hotel managed by Wyndham . He says yes what are you going about me to Wyndham? I told him this is between me and them, and then he went ahead and hanged up the phone on me. (To the folks at Wyndham don't you think this is very very rude from a manager in customer service to hang the phone in the face of the customer?). I called him back. He didn't answer the phone. I called the second time, he answered the phone and I asked him: " Chris did you hang up on me, He said: yes. He also said: if you want to complain to wyndham go ahead and do that I don't give a ***. I asked him so you don't give a ***, He said: No, I said okay I will do I really don't think Wyndham the multi billion dollars corporation will like to hear that from a person who absolutely have no respect for anybody whether was a customer or the huge corporation that makes him lots of money. In my opinion Chris should not deal with any customer because he doesn't belong to this position because if someone wants to work with customer service supposed to be kind, polite and very respectful person

Honestly, Chris ruined my weekend getaway with my family

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation

PS: by the way there are many issues in the room that I am staying in. I didn't even say anything and complain about it to Chris because I am very respectful and easy going person.

#1 AC doesn't work properly

#2 Sink inside the bathroom clogged

#3 Bathtub is very disgusting

#4 When you turn the water on to wash your hands, the water splashed all over yourself

#5 The room smells very bad

#6 Water in the shower doesn't operate properly switched from cold to hot very quickly and I almost burned my self

#7 carpet is very very dirty and smells very bad

Thank you again

Product or Service Mentioned: Wyndham Hotels And Resorts Room.

Reason of review: Rude and bad Manager.

I didn't like: Manager was very rude and disrespectful, Room was not clean and smells bad, Internet very slow, Ac and other things does not work properly.

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Sounds like you stayed at a "potel", where filth, thievery, and lying is their way of life. Google it.

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