After driving 5 hours to get to hotel and making a reservation online for a suite that was supposed to have 1 queen bed 1 sofa bed and 2 bedroom beds I get to the hotel and am told that they don't have those types of rooms and am given a economy room with two beds and a window seat but am charged their suite rate if you don't have them why are they listed as a option on your website and why did I have to pay more for the same room my sister had and paid much less? The hotel was very dirty lobby furniture, walls and room doors nasty and looked like they have not been painted in years.

Then the room I was given was filthy the carpet was black from being dirty I could not tell what the color was supposed to be. The bed linen was stained and dingy, the shower was dirty and the towels/washcloths were dingy and stained, the sink had not been washed and the tv set on top of a cabinet and leaned forward which made me scared to walk pass the cabinet for fear of it falling. The window seat had stains on it that looked like someone had recently had sex on it and the only chair in the room was old and torn up and looked like they had reclaimed it from someone's trash. I was so disgusted with the room that I went to my car to take a nap and then had to go and buy towels washcloths and flip flops for me and my family.

I would have slept in my car that night but the rest of my family was worried because the hotel appeared to be a drop in spot for hookers and other seedy types. So I set up in the torn up chair all night because I could not bring myself to lay on the nasty sheets which was not good because I had 5 hour drive back home which was hard on me. I will never stay at another Wyndham hotel again especially if this is the type of service your hotels provide.

I would like to have my money refunded as well as the money I paid for having to buy my own towels washcloths ect. I see that you have now added to the site that the pictures are standard and the rooms vary but again if you are not going to give the customer what is stated or close to it then you are being misleading and providing false advertisement which is against the law and the rooms should at least be clean and sanitary with decent furniture/linen like the pictures on the site show but they are not again misleading, false advertisement

Monetary Loss: $127.

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