Purchased a Wyndham Resort in Hawaii and was told that I was getting a weeks vacation. Along with my existing timeshare i would be able to get around 10 days a year with the points.

When i tried use the points for Hawaii I was told I only has enough points for 5 days. I was also informed after the fact that there was a reservation time difference that they said my existing timeshare didn't match (they said it was a fluke that they missed).

When We purchased and got home and starting finding problems WYNDHAM DID NOTHING TO RECTIFY PROBLEMS BUT LIE LIE AND LIE!!!!!!!.


Monetary Loss: $12.

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Woodland Hills, Utah, United States #870440

I share your pain. We also purchased a Wyndham Timeshare so we could have a nice hotel to stay at visiting our daughter in Mesa, Arizona.

The salesguy showed us many hotels in Mesa we could choose from.

After buying & trying to make a Mesa reservation ... guess what? Wyndham doesn't have any properties in Mesa.

Lies, from start to finish.

Of course at this point, it would be just our word against his.



This appears to have been predatory in the nature this business and that's illegal! Maybe you can take these people to court in their area. Civil Court may work.


We purchased while in Hawaii -- 154,000 points plus another "free" incentive 154,000 points. Our Wyndham "home" resort is the Bali Hai.

The sales person was smooth, subtle, encouraging, and piled one lie on top of another. He kept repeating that that this was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, rates would go up if we did not purchase today, that this was a great deal, and (when I tried using my cellphone to look up reviews) told us that we can't get a signal in the building. Further, he said that if we closed today, right now, they were willing to double our points for two years,

We realized that Wyndham had few resorts we'd actually use, but RCI did and he kept saying, "Since Wyndham OWNS RCI, wouldn't you think that a Wyndham Timeshare owner would get more benefits than an RCI owner??" Over and over he repeated this pitch. Well, the answer of course is NO. Not only don't we get the same benefits as an RCI owner, we have to pay extra to use any RCI properties. Even so, we have tried to use RCI weeks to find they are "unavailable".

Our sales person also told us we could always "bank" any unused points. What he didn't tell us is that they don't got into the Wyndam pool, but the RCI pool, and that it costs money to place points in the pool.

We were told that we'd have premier position in booking a Bali Hai unit, and that we'd be able to get around 10 days a year with the points. We were also told that the advance booking time for us would be less than 6 weeks. When we tried use the points for Hawaii, calling 3 months in advance of our intended reservation, we were told we only have enough points for 5 days, and that only less desirable units were available.

We've owned this timeshare for 3 years and haven't used it even once. We're ready to join a class-action lawsuit against Wyndham, DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM THIS COMPANY.

to Dooce #869988

I sold timeshare for Wyndham and Shell in Hawaii for years. Made a decent living, worked in beautiful resorts and had fun.

I would say for 90% of people timeshare is the absolute worse way to spend your vacation dollars.

Skip the "freebies" and remember what your momma said, "ain't nothing in life free"


This has to be the biggest mistake we have ever made getting ourselves involved with Wyndham and regret ever attending a seminar they phoned us to attend and if we were to attend we will receive a free digital camera which we got at the end of the seminar and it was a cheap made almost like a toy. The offer was too good to pass and we signed all the paper work as we had to use their finance.

Now 5 years later we are still paying AUS $221 per month, money we can barely afford and have taken a holiday once which was a weekend. We have 5 more years of this monthly payment and we have calculated to be a total of $26,000 that we'll be paying for our ownership.

We have contacted Wyndham numerous for help as we have 5 small children and my husband the only income earner but they can not help us. If anyone out there knows anyone that can help our situation, please let us know even if its to take legal action against Wyndham because they will continue to take advantage of vulnerable people like myself.

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