Used points to book a vacation at the SeaWatch resort.They had a picture of the room along with the points value for that room.

It was to be a deluxe oceanfront one bedroom unit. When we arrived we were booked into a barely oceanview that was certainly not deluxe. When they were questioned about the issue, they stated that all their units were considered oceanfront because the resort was oceanfront. The problem was that on their website, the points were different for different units and so were their prices.

We were told that even though we had booked in January, we were only guaranteed a room, not a specific unit. We were also told that there was nothing that they could do and we were stuck with this room for an entire week. To make matters worse, they stated that if we wanted a points adjustment we would have to contact the main business office. We were also told that they probably would not make an adjustment and rooms were assigned by a home office.

The unit was on the south side and did not get any sun, so there were bugs everywhere. The balcony was so small if you could have gotten rid of the bugs, there was not room to sit out on it for four people even though that is what the unit would sleep. To add insult to injury, they called our unit and said that they were coming by to bring us a gift and try to make the mistake right. It was a $5 cup and we were told to come to the office and talked to the customer service manager.

IT WAS A SALES PITCH!!!! At the end we were told that we were stuck with the room. End of their discussion. Buyers beware.

This is the first time we have stayed on the Grand Strand and been misled about the room we were booking.BUT you are the owner, so there is not much recourse.

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Have you filed a complaint with the FTC? FTC.gov 18773824357.They need to know.


The cookie statement was oh so cute!

We got the same treatment at Ocean Walk in Daytona.

July 15 we arrived at Ocean Walk and Wyndham. I had made reservations the week before on the phone and was told we would have ocean/front condo. I was told a lady name Chris would check us in and meet us when we arrived with our room keys, bands, and parking permit. She did. When we got to our room , we found our balcony overlooking the Hilton’s swimming pool. I called Chris and she referred me to Vickie the lady I made reservations with. First she told me to up grade to another room would be an extra $300. When I told her I would pay it, she said it would be an extra $800. I wanted to cancel the room but she told me I was already charged through my credit card. We went to welcome center to receive our bands. (Chris didn’t have those!) The lady there said she would give me $100 AmEX card and a free vacation to attend the presentation. I told her I would think about it. She offered the same deal to my sister who was staying with us in the Condo. When I realized I had no internet in the condo, I called the service desk and they informed me that I wasn’t even checked in the room. Chris was. Chris had checked in under her name. That was why they didn’t want me to check out on Thursday of that week. Chris would handle it. They said I must be using Chris’s points. Anyway I agreed to attend the presentation to let others know how I was being...

They wanted to see a credit card with our driver’s license. I told them they could look but no one was getting the numbers.

We were promised breakfast and ended up with only water and coffee. We were starving before the presentation was over. Our sales rep’s manager came to our table and wanted us to fill out some paper work to speed things up after the tour. I told her I didn’t want our credit checked until we decided If this was for us. I knew it wasn’t. She promised that nothing would be done until we signed up.

A week later we received notice that we were approved for the timeshare. They had checked our credit without our permission. I have tried to contact the people at Ocean Walk about this. I have been getting a run around.

I will continue to do my part to education people about these scams with Wyndham. It is so sad to read these other complaints. Please help me stop these people from preying on others.

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These are great stories, I just witnessed first hand the "High Pressure" sales technique in Las Vegas on Tuesday.They were so nice for the first hour plus when they thought they might have a sale, but as soon as they realized I wasn't buying, boy did their attitude change.

I actually told our sales person there was no reason to get mad. I was just amazed at how unprofessional they were once there was a no sale. Even their closer was a ***. Anyway, I will do all I can to inform friends, family and perfect strangers to avoid this program by all means.

The best line came as I was walking out, I helped myself to a freshly bake cookie and our salesperson said with sarcasm, "those cookies are for our members"!It doesn't get more unprofessional than that...


decttive sales practices & reps bad time share&unit info BEWARE of WYNDHAM!!!

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