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We arrived at Wyndham Riverwalk in Jacksonville for a convention, since the convention was at the hotel, we booked a rate for it for 3 nights, Thursday-Saturday night and we'd leave Sunday afternoon.

Upon arrival we found out there was a $10 charge to park, PER DAY, with no where around to park free.

Our room was small, lights were dim and only got brighter after leaving them on for hours.

THe bathroom was so small we could barely turn around.

After putting my clothes away I found the TV didn't work, so they had to send someone up at 1am. Then, the "breakfast hanger" doortag was filled out by a previous guest!

We went downstairs to the Current's Lounge to eat and they brought my fiance's food but not mine. This happened TWO days in a row. Their food was also outrageously priced. $13 for breakfast?! We consistantly spent $75 to $100 per day on two meals in that hotel and they weren't even decently sized portions! $6 for a slice of cake!

When we did order room service they added a $2 delivery PLUS 20%. Then they left our dishes in the hall ALL NIGHT. We had to call room service to get them to come pick them up!

The following morning I found ants in the bathroom after my shower, I assumed maybe they had come in because of the water, so I cleaned the couple I saw up and let it be since I saw no more.

The next morning, I woke up, took a shower and got bit by 5 ants in the shower. After getting out, I sat in bed to watch tv for a few and found about 20 in the bed and on my clothes. Further inspection found that there were about 50 dead and about 10 live ants on the AC unit.

I talked to the front desk, who sent someone up to spray and offered to move us to another room, we moved to the 5th floor, but we faced the parking lot and the road and monorail, so I was awake all night listening to that nonsense.

They took off ONE night rate for the trouble, but was informed that's all she could do for my days of torture in that *** hole.

Then, today, as we're leaving we go to put our stuff in the truck after 4 days of not being in it and find someone put flyers on the windshield and since it had rained they were stuck and left paper all over the windshield that we will have to have professionally scraped off. The hotel stated it wasn't their problem, yet we paid them $40 total to park our truck in THEIR private lot.

It was a JOKE. We were offered to talk to GM and given his number, but we can't call them until tomorrow.

I am EXTREMELY upset regarding the issues and them not being properly cared for.

They refused to do anything other than comp that one night, yet after sales and city occupancy tax and parking, we ended up paying $300 for two nights!


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