On 11-22-10 I bought a Wyndham Bonnet Creek timeshare from a company that buys and sells timeshares. On 12-9-10 the deed was taken to Bonnet Creek for the change in ownership.

I contacted them several times to find out when my ownership would take effect. I was assured that the points (126,000) were in the account and I would be able to use them when the name change was completed. After numerous phone calls about my membership, I flew to Orlando (from California) to find out what was happening with my account. On 1-24-11 I went to Bonnet Creek to see their units and find out about my membership.

The salesman asked what I paid for the timeshare and when I told him, he was shocked and said there was no record of my membership. When I got back to my hotel I called them and was told that my deed was "invalid". They said it had improper wording, but refused to tell me what was wrong. I contacted the company I bought it from and they corrected the "wording" and turned the corrected deed back in.

After numerous phone calls about my membership status, I received a bill in the mail for my yearly maintenance fees of $662.87. I immediately paid the bill in full. Four days later I received their "Welcome" letter stating that I did not have any points for 2010 or 2011. I called them and they said the previous owner used the points for 2010 and borrowed the points from 2011 and there were no points left in the account.

I asked how that could be when I had a legal document in front of me with their signatures relinquishing all rights, uses, etc. as of 4-10-10. One employee that I spoke with eluded to the fact that the previous owners had made the reservations sometime after the first of the year. I asked how they could give away my points and kept being told over and over that I wasn't a member until 3-18-11 and, therefore, the previous owner had the right to use the points.

I was told to email the document I had where the previous owners had relinquished all rights to the timeshare and was told they would contact me in 3 days. The representative said that they wouldn't give me the points back because the previous owner had the right and it didn't matter that they had my deed in their hands for 4 months prior to changing the name. I have made a complaint with the Florida Office of Consumer Affairs and the Orange County DA's Office.

If anyone has any other ideas, please let me know. I don't intend to let this matter drop.

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I went to the Wyndham resort in FL. They try to sell me a timeshare,first in Orlando welcome center told us that if we go to the presentation, that I would get $75 just for going.

So I did, I got this older women who asked me and my wife questions, financially, and that they needed to check our credit, I told her that I needed to see what the resort had to offer before I give her my info, she said thats not the way it's done, that they would check my credit and see if I qualify for it, to see if I'll be wasting her time or not, anyway, after 2 hours we finally got back to her office and tried to sell us a timeshare, I didn't give in, after a while, she got angry and started shaking because we weren't buying, ive had a bad experience with another timeshare, it was a good deal,but I just don't trust timeshare sales anymore, I sleep better at night, knowing that I don't have to pay maintenance fees every year, for that much I'll rather book a resort and pay cash. As far as the resort, we loved it, the rooms were big, close to Disney parks.

I just think that people should see what the resort has to offer before checking people's credit. It's like giving money before you buy the product.


They do have some very high pressure sales tactics. They offered us 84k pts for $12,500 but I didn't feel comfortable buying that after a 2 hr presentation.

So, we bought the $1300 discovery package of 154k pts and they let us out. As soon as we got home we canceled the discovery membership and they gave us all of our money back. The problem is that I really like their program. So, I bought 385k points on ebay for $1700.

My mfs are $1824 and I have 23 days books this year. Half of them in 2bdr condos. And half of those days during the summer.

That's about $80/night. I'm not a fan of the salesmen or their inflated prices but the product is great!

to DJ Atlanta, Georgia, United States #636411

This is great info! When you bought from ebay - did you get the RCI and Wyndham club/partners membership?

How did the deed process work? Just want to understand as I know a lot of people are out there to scam...Thank you :)


I feel the same way I went into a Wyndham presentation with no intention to buy but the salesman had a good pitch. So I asked the question if I run into any financial hardships it would not be hard to cancel.

He said I have 30 days to be exact. Long story short I tried to cancel 2 weeks later and was basically told that I'm stuck with it.

I'm in the military and I'm going to try with all my power to get out of this horrendous contract. These people should not be should not be allowed to be in business.


This is actually why I want to sue Wyndham Vacation Resorts regarding my timeshares instead of selling them to somebody els. Believe me, it is not the previous owner or the resale company screwing you, it is Wyndham.

I hope you bought them for a good price and get some use out of them. They stole $30,000, $15,000 of which I am paying finance fees on and are trying to charge me double the maintenance fee they told me and are still giving me a hard time regarding reservations being available at my home resort. I am consulting a lawyer on Monday, June 13, 2011 regarding these lying Scumbags and I suggest you do the same.

You might also consider writing to your Attorney General although I don't know if this helps as some of them must be on their payrolls, otherwise Wyndham would be ordered to cancel these contracts and reimburse us in full. I am ashamed that these scam artist got the best of me and I hope there is a God who will punish them by taking everything they love away from them including their children!

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