We purchased a 'try-it-out' package for a year in Tennesee. We were told that if we enjoyed the extra points we could roll them into a deeded resort package in an area with lower assessment fees and become VIP members.

When we called to find out when we could choose the home resort and roll the points into our original deed we were told that we DIDNT HAVE a deed and we couldnt roll them together! We had less than a year to use the extra points and TWO years that we had to continue paying for them.

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they got me to on june 16 2012 makin empty promises that dont work


Please understand that we were “asked” to see and stay at the Wyndham Grand Resort at Bonnet Creek, after booking a “regular stay” at our much loved Wyndham Hotel. The reservationist asked if we would like to stay at the Wyndham Grand Resort at Bonnet Creek some time and see the vacation property, and that we had a year to book the stay. She also said that we would take a guided “mandatory” tour, but in return, we would get $150 back for our time.

WELL…we booked the hotel and stayed over a weekend to celebrate our daughter’s birthday. Our tour date was set for Father’s Day, but we went anyway. After the so-called 2 hour tour, that took 3 and a ½ hours and an unprofessional T.O., named Christian, we tried to leave. But then we were sent to a room where we were offered a vacation/hotel point package. This seemed attractive to our travel needs so we booked and signed for it, because we, before this, liked Wyndham Hotels. We were “told” that we could immediately start booking the vacation, but after reading the fine print, this is not true. But rather after $900 was into the account. Also, we were told it would be deducted out of our back as a monthly fee, but again they sneakily added a finance rate etc. They also said we can do 2 night stays, but the contract says 3-4! We were also told that additional points could be purchased at 1 penny per point, but its $10.00 per 1,000 points!! Then they said we could send family members to the hotel at no additional cost, but the contract says it’s $150.00 to do so! The representative looked us in the eyes and said that we could start booking stays ASAP and that the total cost was $1,295. Since the process was taking so long, and we had our kids, I believe that we were taken advantage of. They knew my husband was tired, hungry, and most importantly was interested at the time- because the manager “yessed” him to no end. There was NEVER a mention of financing at all! We spent a total of 5 hours there and it ruined our kid’s day.

We are Wyndham reward members and we are terribly saddened by such a shiesty transaction. We will be taking our business elsewhere, and have already cancelled our 2 visits that we were due to stay at a Wyndham. It is a shame that the organization could care less about steadfast customers and can do such improper business to a family, just to make a dollar. We tried to contact the sales rep for this package, and we were given a WRONG #!

So, we are canceling, and this letter is to inform such as well as to state our refund to be sent to Lyle Hawkins and/or Jennifer Hawkins at the above address. Please call and send a letter to inform us of the refund.

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