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Do not deal with Wyndham. They do not honor their contracts and when you contact your credit card company to force them into providing all of the items listed in the deed/trust and stop payment to them - they go after your credit rating.

I have contacted a lawyer to deal with them because none of the sales reps would return my calls and I saw all of the reviews. I feel that it is important to call them out on television on a consumer report issue. Also report them to the States Attorney General and Better Business.

If you paid by credit card - you can dispute charges every 60 days if they are not providing you with services as stated on your deed or trust - be sure they write out everything before you sign it.

You will have to remove the block, but if they continue to mess with you - you can put the block back on - this gets them a black mark with the credit card company. You do have some ways of getting some skin in the game with them - if we all use it - we'll do better.

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