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My family and I stayed at the Days Inn in Blue Springs Mo Oct thru Nov this year @012. On Nov 4th my wife awoke at 3am with pain in her arm and I glanced over and saw a spider crawling away from her.We caugt the spider and on Nov 6 she went to the ER due to infection at the *** site.Turns out it was a brown recluse so the Doctor prescribed antibiotics and steroids.

On Nov 9th she returned to the ER due to the infection spreading.This time they had to cut into the wound,remove the core and pack the wound along with a new batch of antibiotics. This incident was brought to the managers attention and 3 of the desk clerks.They reply we got was"I bet that hurt and you sure it happened here?". I filed a complaint with Wyndham Guest Relations whos reply was "work it out with the hotel". The motel managers reply was we didnt know about the *** so therefore we are not doing anything.

I then contacted a friend that owns a Days Inn in Fla and told him what happened.He told me the majority of Wyndham owners and managers will deny a guest issue and then close the case since Wyndham leaves it up to the property to settle the issue. Are you Freaking Kidding Me!!! What is the purpose of Guest Relations? I then tried contacting Mr Eric Danziger,President and CEO of Wyndham which is impossible due to the "Gate Keepers" at Wyndham keeping the big boss out of the loop.

I would like to point out I served 20 yrs in the US Army and retired from active duty and no time during my 20 yrs of service was my integrity ever questioned or was I made to feel like I was lying but this property manager and Wyndham managed to do just that. I encourage ALL to PLEASE use some other hotel chain until Wyndham starts taking guest issues seriously instead of leaving it up to the Indian Owners and managers to handle their issues.

Monetary Loss: $2500.

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LMFAO @ desperate dad placing a maraschino cherry on his forearm and dousing it in imitation maple syrup so he can attempt a HILARIOUS attempt at scoring a 100% comp after his original scam (whining at the front desk that the toilet tissue chaffed his "special opening") not only failed but caused his wife and five children to leave in tears...

Springfield, Missouri, United States #997840

Update:We had a attorney that took the hotel to court and they settled before going to trial so for those that said we didn't have a case you were wrong.Besides the owner settling Wyndham also awarded our Wyndham Rewards Account one million points.


Spiders don't stop at the door. Unless there is evidence that the hotel knew of an infestation and did nothing, then it will be pretty impossible to win a lawsuit.

Spiders don't listen to you when you tell them not to come in. They enter private residences all of the time through cracks.

I have never been successful with telling the spiders to stay out of my house. Good luck.

Ocala, Florida, United States #962222

First I would like to say thanks for your military service. I had two uncles who were killed in the line of duty.

That being said, spiders can crawl into the tiniest cracks and they gravitate from the woods at night towards lights. ( looking for food) It's very unfortunate that your wife was bitten and had she sought medical care the first day and the medical staff cleaned out the wound removing the "core" it would have never gotten so bad. But to sue the hotel for the *** us just bringing ANOTHER frivolous law suit. She could have just as easily been *** at home sleeping in her own bed.

Even the BEST pest control isn't going to kill every single insect. Plus in order for you to have any basis for a law suit, she would have to have some type of PERMANENT injury. I'm sure once the core was removed and the antibiotics were finished she was completely better. ( This I'm know because I have had two friends bitten by brown recluse spiders and both healed fine.) Lastly please think about what kinds of suits you should bring to court.

The past 25 years of people suing for non sense has caused so much legislation being written to protect the insurance industry it is almost impossible to bring a valid law suit anymore. Again from experience. My husband had an outpatient tonsillectomy abs the doctor discharged him hone with a pin hoke in an artery in his throat. He bled internally at home for three days while I pleaded with her to reevaluate him ( he couldn't stand up without the room spinning) once his normal blood pressure tore the artery completely open abs he bled out in the bathroom it was apparent what was wrong with him.

Because of the blood loss (oxygen deprivation) he has permanent nerve damage in his neck abs left arm. All well documented from testing. He is unable to work full time abs lost his job and our health care. But because of frivolous law suits in florida we could not find legal representation for a LEGITIMATE case.

Only had he died we were told we could sue. Think twice , your actions directly affects what happens to other people lives when it comes to false insurance claims .

Short of a free weeks vacation what would you think they owe you and if you think their hotels are infested with spiders, would you really want to stay there anyways? ?

Orlando, Florida, United States #952910

Well, I guess that I have to agree with the person who said NOT to call a lawyer...or better...call a lawyer that will give you a reduced cost or free advice on the viability of a lawsuit.

I would never have considered suing nor even believing that the hotel was at fault. Spiders and other bugs hide in walls and places where even the best exterminator cannot reach.

Still, I understand how bad a brown recluse *** can be and, if hotels ARE responsible for something like this legally, then the idea of getting their extermination records is great.

Just realized that I basically said nothing important here LOL. Bottom line, get a brief consultation with an attorney or research the laws for hotels in that state yourself. Pursue it further IF you think you have a case.

If you don't have a case, it'll be an expensive lesson. Do your homework upfront.


Maybe if you had told them about your military background when booking they would have given you one of the spider free rooms...


This company should be SHUT DOWN and Banned with Immediate effect. They are duping innocent people and extorting people of their hard earned money with their PONZY SCHEMES. Need to file a class action suit against this company

La Crosse, Kansas, United States #910859

DO NOT call a lawyer, in a court case YOU would have to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the hotel had the spider inside. The hotel will argue that you could have brought it in, and that there is no way to prove otherwise, and they would be correct.

The burden of proof in this case would be on you proving that you did NOT bring the creepy little feller with you. Which you can't. They would dismise the case in about 8 minutes.

Also your lawyer will tell you this and then ask you to pay his advise bill, and you will have to pay him about $150 for the advise that your chit out of luck.

So in this case, you will just have to suck it up and lose.

to Magnus #929256

Wait ... They can call a lawyer.

In discovery, ask for the pest control records for the 3 months prior to the spider ***.

Have those records verified by the pest control company. If the room wasn't treated for 3 months, victim can claim failure to supply a pest free room resulting in injury.

Sweet Springs, Missouri, United States #830069

I would also call a lawyer for pain and suffering and time off work and medical cost! this spider is more dangerous than bed bugs and if the room was cleaned these spiders that lived in undisturbed places would of been noticed by hotel staff.

the furniture is not moved or cleaned behind. The head boards are stuck to the wall if you look behind it dust and a perfect spot for these spiders to rest til night when they come out to feed. the motel failed to provide a safe enviroment free from pests and rodents that you would not expect to encounter in a clean motel that is cared for properly and inspected for safety and professionally sprayed for spiders and bed bugs. if it was professionally sprayed and still you encounter a brown recluse *** then its the exterminater company in fault..........

if there is one or two there is many more you do not see. They come in packs not one at a time and if properly and professionally sprayed there should not be any and if there is one maybe it was brought by you as a traveler from where you came from . I encounter this same experience it was horrible ruined my whole summer and left me a scar for life on top of being paranoid now of even a fly. this is the most dangerous spider to be bitten by.

i had to have surgery. I don't wish this on my worse enemy it is terrible to live through and so painful and there is no way way you can work. In my case I had severe reactions to it. My feet swelled i got blisters on my face and feet i passed out , threw up, muscle spasms, dead skin tissue,surgery,stitches,and lots of pain.

I lived in Missouri 13 years and in my home neither me or five kids got bit or my husband but one night in a motel me and my husband rented i found two brown recluse spiders and got bit twice on my side. I should of felt as safe in this motel as would of at home. I expected high standards when it comes to public safety! These people at the utmost should be doin more than just cleaning the room for the next person.

dealing with so much public the extent of them providing a safe enviroment is just as important as trusting the paramedic that comes in your house . that the hospital is not going to put you in a room they only changed the sheets in and vacuumed the floor a motel should take the same steps as a hospital when providing the public with safety in their facility.

Tonawanda, New York, United States #585804

The only hotel we use is LaQuinta. Never had a complaint with them that wasn't taken care of immediately.

Do not like Red Roof at all and not wanting to HAVE to use a Day's Inn if we can find a better alternative. We try to plan our trips so we can stay in a LaQuinta when ever possible.

to cjpasek #931905

LaQuinta is AMAZING and pretty inexpensive!

to cjpasek #1045630

That was not our experience. We stayed in a LaQuinta in Baton Rouge.

We got in late so went straight to bed. Neither of us got up during the night. When I got up in the morning, I slipped on water on the floor in the bathroom. I caught myself and did not hit the floor but had very bad back and neck pain.

There was a clear trail from the toilet ring to the place I slipped. I took a picture and reported it to the desk clerk. She said she was calling the manager. We had to leave early so could not wait but I had to have several weeks of chiropractic treatments.

I filed a request to have those bills paid. I did not ask for pain & suffering. Their lawyer said the staff checked the room and the toilet didn't leak in spite of the picture and the water on the floor. I am sure they just changed the toilet ring and lied about it.

I use to stay with LaQuinta but won't ever again. They lost a lot more $$$ by not paying my chiropractor since we traver often.

Lynn, Massachusetts, United States #585784

That is so serious , major hotels have bedbugs and other issues . I would get a lawyer .

I bet you would win . Just coming om forum sites will make corporate entities take notice . I can't tell you how sorry for you .

I have stayed in rural cabins and had no problems . Obviously the room was not completely cleaned before you/

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