We are an older married couple who travel frequently. We know the Wyhdham name and know it is upheld with quality in every respect.

Someone in Customer Service Leadership needs to visit said location above. You have problems there. We booked online and were told we would have a daily food credit of $100 if we booked and traveled there within a certain window of time which we did. We asked for a king upgrade if the resort was not booked.

Upon arrival, we had our voucher for 100 food daily credit, but were denied it. We asked if your location there was booked and answer was no, yet we your staff would not upgrade up to a king room. Our room was 4103. See for yourself.

The website showed gorgeous suites. Thats not what you offer at this location. Once in our room we found pubic hair on bath floor. Mold around faucets.

Mold in shower. Other hair in sink basin.We had all meals on site. Marbela.s service was of the extreme slow and negligent. We had to ask the mgr for butter.

Then, we had to ask mgr again for our bill. There were a total of 4 other tables of guests at our 6pm reservation time??? Palio served me a medit salad with rotten leaves of lettuce and one *** of salad tasted spoiled??? Really?

At lobby bar ordered Red Snapper appetizer. Whatever was brought looked like the organs of a fish.. No fish meat, per say, but unidentified, unedible substance. It was returned.

Pastry shop was out of bananas on a daily basis. Why? We were extremely dis.appointed with lack of care for your customers (us). Dirty room.

Not interested in giving us our daily credit even though we had our voucher with us from our on.line travel agency. The voucher plainly said, "if you dont have voucher, the resort may deny your daily food credit".. Your staff denied it anyway. Why??

At the pool, a server took our drink order and after 40 minutes, still no drinks. Husband went to bar and ordered there. Poor, Poor customer service and no sense of urgency about ANYTHING. Just slow and like a "we dont care" attitude.

Pool Towels? We left our cards in the dirty room and we were refused pool towels. I offered my room key, but he refused again. Why?

We are YOUR guests. We are on YOUR premises. We didnt just walk off the street to ask for a pool towel. Outrageous, horrific service and the food was worse.

Never again will travel to this resort. IF you wish to make anything better, you can contact me via email at mrshickorync2008@yahoo.com.

Monetary Loss: $1600.

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