was have been staying at wyndham resorts for many years and i joined rewards program and after so many years of using their resorts and spending thousands of dollars when I asked what my ballance is , I was told that I had enough points as if I had just stayed at their resorts maybe twice,when asked to speak to manager, manager told me we had to take away 137000 points since we made the error.I advised him how is it possibe to have only so few points knowing I spend over $6000 for the year 2010 and 2011,I was told by the manager Ryan who is supposis to be an accounting supervisor , that is what I have and there is nothing else he can do. I do have the last two years staying in their resorts with but it seems like that how they do their business. It is shame.

Review about: Wyndham Hotels And Resorts Rewards Program.

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Using computer will help you to keep track of points and also will help you with the upgrades and discount etc.


Not atypical behaviour. They messed up and probably do not have a way to correct it.

If you have a record of all your stays, etc.

they might be able to re-construct your points, but I suspect they won't want to bother. If I were you, start staying at some other place than Wyndham.

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