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I have been a member for 8 years now. Each year they have changed how you can exchange your points for weeks with RCI.

This may be illegal but I am not an attorney. I would not recommend anyone new to join wyndham unless you get something in writing that they will never change how the point system is structured and applied. I think it is dishonest how they deal with their members. I guess since the economy is in a recession, they resort to charging current members more each year to make up for the lack of new members.

You are much better off shopping on the internet for special travel deals than belonging to WYNDHAM resorts, which used to be FAIRFIELD resorts.

FAIRFIELD treated their members much better but sold out to WYNDHAM about 5 years ago. BUYER BEWARE !!

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It their company and not yours so they have every right to change the policies of their company anytime they choose to do so.

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