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My husband ,children and I attended a timeshare sales meeting in Strausburg Pa.We were met by a sales person whom asked if we could afford a $250 down payment we said no, we advised them we were not interseted in purchasing a time share. We were then greeted by the sales persons manager who advised us we would receive our alleged winning prizes, those being 4 airline tickets,and 2-$25 gift cards. The manager then went on to say dont waste my time or yours I need a yes or no.We said no we then went to a desk and were handed business cards for the manager.We were advised we would not receive the alleged winnings.We believe this was due to not purchasing their time share.This is clearly a scam by Wyndham resorts

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I have been to a few of the "showings" and they have always gave me the "prize". If you were there & just plainly said no, then they know that all you wanted was the free items. If you pretend to be interested and not buy, ten you will still get your free prizes.

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