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I tried to log into my Wyndam Rewards account and was notified that it had been closed. When I called to ask why my account had been canceled, I was informed it was because of 18 months of inactivity. My account was canceled without any prior notification, even though I had unused points.

In addition, I was still receiving Wyndham Rewards emails, even after the date of the alleged account cancellation. The emails included my account number and the number of points I had associated with the account. So not only did I not received any notification, they reinforced my belief that I had an active account through the emails they were sending me. I ended up spending money on Wyndham brand hotels so that I could earn points, only to have them canceled before being able to use them.

Customer Service was unable to offer any solution, even though I am going on a 7 day trip and planned to book hotels with Wyndham. I will easily be able to book with another brand that offers comparable lodgings, and will do so – Wyndham has lost another customer.

Review about: Wyndham Hotels And Resorts Rewards Program.

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Edison, New Jersey, United States #1343796

I just found out 23,000 points dropped by Wyndham.


I just lost my 20,000+ points without an email or notice.


Everybody is having the same problem with Wyndham....I had stayed at the Wyndham Vinnings in Atlanta a few times with my company....each time the people at the counter pushed for me to join and use my Wyndham card which I had alot of points...the Wyndham became a Marriott property and wham all my points are gone and no records of my stays at the Wyndham..screwed...blued and tattooed...


I just found out I lost out on my 52,000+ points due to inactivity and am absolutely furious about it! Plans were to take our 4 kids on a little vacation, but we can't go until Summer 2012.

I am still emailing back and forth with them and refuse to give up this battle. I, much like most others had no warning of my points expiring. Ridiculous!

Spent thousands of dollars over a 2 yr period literally at MY expense now to not even enjoy any reward they offer. Ahhh!!!

Dehra Dun, Uttarakhand, India #246032

I have stayed at quite a few wyndam properties and am staying in several this summer. I have no idea how to find my point total or what the total is. My information is listed below:

Don Edwards

10 Hudson Circle

Greensboro, NC 27410

Phone 336-665-0371


In a related event. I, unfortunately, had to stay in a Wyndham property for business and accumulated several points.

Used some for a one-night stay this past weekend where I woke up the next more and found I was also charged for the room. The note stated that because I had used points, I was only being charged 60% of their lowest rate. As we all know, when you use points, the rooms are to be free! The hotel is giving me the run around, and when calling the rewards customer service (5 people later), was told they have to give the hotel 3 business days to resolve.

We have other hotel reward accounts and have had wonderful service and rooms with them. The Wyndham properties seem to be run down and their customer service is awful. Avoid Wyndham properties and certainly avoid their rewards accounts at all cost.

I'm taking the rest of my points as one of their gift cards and leaving.

And be aware that there are TWO Wyndham rewards programs - one for their "lower class" hotels and another for the "upper class" ones.

Miltonvale, Kansas, United States #154140

The same happened to me without notification; I lost over 50,000 points. I have no problem about their policy regarding inactivity.

However, to not provide a cancellation notice flies in the face of good practice. They will never make the "Good to Great" list of Companies! They lost a customer forever.

I just became a Hilton Honors and Marriott Rewards member. How *** can a company be?

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