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One night, I was unexpectantly stuck in a snowstorm in Durango, Co. It was about 10:00pm.

I needed a room. I saw a Super 8 motel with a "vacancy" sign outside. I went to the front desk and confirmed that there was a room available. The desk clerk said that he could not offer me the room using my rewards points, and that I would need to call in the reservation on the toll free number.

Ok. No big deal. So I call Wyndham rewards on the phone, and, even though their own records showed that I had enough points for the room, the reservationist would not allow me to use those points for the night in Durango! And I want to be clear: When I say that their own records showed that I had enough points, I mean that the Wyndham rewards person on the other end of the telephone could see it on his computer screen.

He said that since I haven't used any points in a while, that all the points (showing on his computer screen) "must be verified", and that it would take 24 hours. But he could book me "tentatively" for the next night! I had to spend my own money for a hotel room that night, even though I had enough rewards points for the Super 8 with a vacancy. Yes, I went out of my way to drive to another motel and give them my business.

It was about $145 for the night.

A total waste of money since I had enough points for a free night in an available room. I will never, ever, again, for the rest of my life stay in a Wyndham property.

I liked: Beautiful brochures.

I didn't like: Scam.

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