My husband and I stayed at Wyndham Oceanside Pier Resort in January 2010. We were offered the opportunity to trade from another property to Wyndham Oceanside/San Francisco. We declined. We had declined this offer before.

The salesman, Walt, left and came back with the news that our maintenance fees were going up to $300/month, so if we do the trade, we'll only be paying 350/month plus maintenance fees. He kept repeating that; you'll be paying $300/month if you do nothing. You can call me and I'll help you rent a unit a couple of times per year to cover the maintenance fees.

Our daughter needs braces, but at $300/month we would not be able to do this. If we make the trade, we'll at least be able to make a vacation. So we signed. We later found out that Walt outright lied to us about the maintenance fees to make the sale. Maintenance charges didn't go through on the RCI credit card which they had charged a $5500 downpayment to (BofA promptly reduced the limit as soon as we got the card)and Wyndham didn't notify us for 3 months, charging us exhorbitant penalties. That's when we found out about the fraud.

They told my husband that it is their policy not to notify owners for three months if maintenance fees are not going through!!!!!! I talked to someone in corporate about the lies that were told and she kept saying you should have read your contract. Hello? Your salesman outright lied-that's FRAUD! She just kept saying that I should have read my contract. They call at least 3 times daily from several different numbers to harrass us about the balance owing. When I tell them about their fraud they all say the same thing: "You should have read your contract." The issue is the fraud that they are perpetrating.

We have refused to pay them anymore and they are ruining our credit. We are going to have to find the money to get a lawyer and sue the cretins. PLEASE let me know if there is a class action against these fraudsters. In the meantime, I am making a fraud complaint with the San Diego County District Attorney's Office, the BBB, and the California Department of Consumer Affairs. I will also be picketing their establishment next month while I'm in San Diego. Anyone want to come?

Get this- Walt, the lying salesman, has been caught fraudulently claiming to be a Viet Nam POW!

I tried calling the sales manager in July when I was in San Diego again, and no one would call me back. Ba$tards!

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I think it is time to start a class action lawsuit. This is a preditory company that is ruining peoples lives by lying, lying, and lying.

to Linda Ovitt Grand Junction, Colorado, United States #590737

I am a victim of Wydham lies, not once but twice!They took advantage of my vulnerability.

I was going through breast cancer treatments and they would not let me leave. When I went to complain they upgraded me to higher payments and double monthly maintenance.

My husband has been diagnose with cancer now and we never could afford this rip-off.


Call them and say you a donating the property back to them and will not pay any more. Let them decide they want the money also file a complaint with the state you live in and were the unit is


I too was scammed by Wyndham. Can we do anything? I had a small time share that he said I could get more points for the same price and it ended up being 2,500 more which I agreed to and found out later that it ended up being an additional 7,500 on a credit card that he never told me about.

Carbondale, Kansas, United States #218301

I also had a similar situation with Wyndham a lot of broken promises and misrepresentations by them.I have wrote to the coperate office and spoke with them many times.

They don't care that we were taken advantage of, lied to and scammed.

We should all get together and file a class action suit against them for scamming us.If anyone is interested contact me at dani234@netzero.net


We were told our maintenance cost were doubling.We were told this at Harbor Lights San Diego and Grand Desert Las Vegas.

We were presented with a computer printout showing the increase. The sales person convinced us to trade in our paid up timeshare and buy more points for less maintenance cost. The sales people-4 IN ALL, down right lied. I checked later with our resort directly and was told the fees HAD NOT GONE UP.



The best thing for people to do is to file a complaint with the State Attorney General where the sale was made. If they get enough complaints perhaps they will do something about this company. They are destroying peoples' lives and futures.


My husband and I have the same problem.We finally stopped paying last year and they harrassed us daily.

We lost approximately $50,000 with them and have nothing. We signed Bonnet Creek back over to them and they were only too happy to get it and resell for more money. We also had two weeks at Edisto Island, SC. They always tell you a point is a point, is a point, etc.

This is not true --- there was no way for me to get rid of the Edisto in which I owed $13,000 and now my credit is ruined. The other unit I owned free and clear --- they were happy to have me sign that over to them. I don't understand how they can get by lying as they do during the presentations.

They should be outlawed.Any ideas what we can do as a group?

to Dot Los Angeles, California, United States #637066

Let's get a class action lawsuit against multiple timeshare companies so as to alert the U.S.Government to the ongoing problem happening to American citizens.

The sad fact is that they pay taxes to them so the government does not want to *** off the hand that feeds them more in tax revenue than we do.However, anyone interested contact me at lagioiella@aol.com

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