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You are never told everything you need to know to make a decision about timeshare ownership. Today I was told that if I ceased paying the maintenance fee that they "might" foreclose on me but it wold take at least two years to do and that I would still be liable for the maintenance fees that accrue.

I would receive a bill for the fees and if not paid they would sue me. I offered to give them the deed back free and clear and they do not want it. Also if I die my wife will be held liable for the fees and she would also be sued to recover those fees. Then the agent had the gonads to suggest that I buy more points and really enjoy the benefits.

I told him he was crazy and I found it hard to believe that business was done this way.

His comment, "that's life" They advertise and claim that they care for their owners and listen to them. So very late I find that I have been totally screwed.

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So your telling me that you did not read your contact paper work, which is legally binding to you. Now you are pissed at wyndham?

Have you ever lived in a HOA community and not paid your HOA fee's which is to help maintain the property? Well they can foreclose on your property as well,. plus fine you.

This is not something new. Read your contracts.

to kristopher #590772

The contract is LONG. That is what they depend on.

They assume that since they have lied to you with a sh*t eating grin, that you have fallen for their bullsh*t, and can't believe that they would lie to you.

Kristopher must be a Wyndham employee.


I was suckered into buying timeshare ownership at Wyndham Grand Desert (Las Vegas). Among the lies and half-truths that I received was that it is easy to transfer points and book vacations at RCI, and that it is easy for me to sell-out if I no longer wanted my timeshare).

What I wanted to ask is ...

why does the federal and state governments allow these deceitful practices to go on? It almost reminds me of the housing bubble, where an artificial high demand for homes was allowed by government until the bubble burst and a lot of people got burned.

to Grand Desert Victim #590775

Wyndham must own a Senator or two. Write to the Attorney General of Nevada about your experience.

On the Dave Ramsey website someone mentioned a warranty deed. I'm not sure what that is, and the law probably varies from state to state, but do some research to find out what this is.

The person who posted it said they were able to get out of their contract this way. Be careful because they will try to destroy your credit.

Wyndham sucks.


Please keep letting others know your story. We need to stick together to keep this from happening to other people. Wyndham checked our credit without our permission.

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