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A few months ago I entered a sweepstakes to win a car at a mall in Louisiana.

Yesterday I get a call from Howard Narrow (call coming from Hazelton, PA (570) 455-2978) with Wyndham hotels telling me I had won a free vacation from Wyndham and asked me if I was familiar with the hotel and if I had been to one. He was telling me about the vacation and we could go anywhere.

He was very nice but taking up alot of time as I was at work. He also said we won alot of food vouchers for the vacation.

He went through the whole speech and said that Wyndham was trying to get out the word about their hotels with a new marketing technique with word of mouth by telling your friends about all the free stuff they would give me.

I said I would like to see some thing in writing can you send me an email about this b/c I am at work. He said I will get to that in a minute. He went on to tell me they were setting up VIP tours in my area and he could send me all that info and the VIP invitation once they scheduled an apt for the VIP tour and it would take 2 hours and we could spend the rest of the day around the town if we wanted. Free parking and all.

He confirmed my address and my age and my husbands age and our income which I thought was a little weird.

He said he would check on the tour times for the weekend and I said I would talk to my husband about it. When I talked to my husband he said it sounds too good to be true.

I thought about it and we didn't talk much more about it. I asked my husband if he wanted to just do down there (which is an hour away) and spend the day. He didn't want to, so on my lunch break I found this site with all the complaints and decided that this "free vacation" was not for me. Wouldn't you know Howard tried to call me twice while I was at work, left two messages saying he didn't want to be a nuisance but we needed to book a tour b/c they fill up fast. By the time he called a third time I just had to tell him this wasn't a good time and my husband was having health problems.

I never put any money into this so never lost anything but I'm kinda pissed that my info was sold to them. After reading all these posts the name Wyndham has been tarnished. I'm glad I read these posts! Thanks for sharing your stories. I can imagine I will be getting a call in a few months again sometime soon. Beware of friendly voices and too good to be true promises. Good Luck to all.

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I don't think they "sold" your information.That car was placed there by Wyndham.

Furthermore, read the entry. THAT car will never be given away. It is a prop. The entry card says: winner will receive a boat, vehicle or motorcycle not to exceed 50000 US OR an ownership in their *** vacation ownership interest(we all know what those are worth after reading the complaints).


My guess is Zero.That contest is a scam just like their whole operation.

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