I was asked to attend a "No Obligation" visit to Wyndham Vacation Resorts Las Vegas in exchange for free tickets to shows in town. After attending the session, high pressure sales tactics were used to try to get me to buy.

I said "No" each time. The sales person got agitated and was very rude. He tried to tell me how much money was spent to bring me to him. I told him that I was told this would be "No Obligation" visit.

He was further agitated and even more rude, when we parted company.

People should not visit this resort. There is no respect being provided for the customer here, even though they talk a story of high ethics.

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Was there a GREASY Salesman by the name of Franco giving his presentation about how you owe it to yourself for a vacation getaway yada yada yada... Was this man in his mid 50's and had skin like a tan leather suitcase.

If so this was the guy who was our presenter and Holy Cow was he sleazy. This is probably one of the slickest and rudest cats I have ever seen.

He actually had the nerve to insult an overweight guy as he was eating his FREE LUNCH that they provided. These people are ***!


Wow, just got home after going to the Las Vegas Resort for a "no obligations" presentation. They REALLY try to pressure you to buy and each time you say "No" they bring in another "closer" to try to get the job done.

After sitting through the presentation that was longer than the 2 hours promised, I was about to forfeit my $40 fee just to get out of there. Their people insulted me by coming out and saying that "I didn't do enough for my kids" excuse me, do I know you??? Run away when the people on the strip or inside the casinos try to entice you with free gifts, just isn't worth the trouble!

Also, when I came home, I received in the mail (less than a week after my presentation)a letter from Wyndham telling me that I am preapproved for a loan for not less than $25,000 dollars!!! How in the H&%$ did they do that when the didn't get my social security number, all they had was a copy of my driver's license!!


I actually purchased a Wyndham Timeshare and am glad you didn't. I am in the process of obtaining a lawyer after being *** enough to buy a second timeshare last year when I never received what I was promised when I bought the first one.

I bought mine at Glacier Canyon in Wisconsin Dells and visited the Las Vegas Resort where they actually had the nerve to try to sell my husband a third one after I stepped away from the table (free Breakfast). They lie about everything. They misinformed us about availability of units, i.e., for three years was unable to use the timeshare because they said they had nothing open at our home resort, even though when I purchased the timeshare they said they had plenty of inventory and as long as I request a reservation 6 months ahead of time, there would be no problem. Guess what, now we are told must make reservations one or more years in advance and they still won't guarantee the unit.

The maintenance fee I was told would increase by $9.00 when I bought the second timeshare, guess what, it doubled. Guess what, if you call to make reservations more than 4 times in a year, there is a $59.00 over the phone charge, only $30.00 if you do it on-line. Guess what, get paper statements sent to your home instead of letting them steal your money directly from your checking account, there is an eight dollar fee charged.

I am in tears ever since buying these timeshares and now they are threatening to ruin my credit which has been in good standing for over 30 years. I pray a lawyer will be able to get my money back from these Scumbags so I can repay the crappy loan they had me take out with crappy "Bank of America" RCI Elite Rewards.

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