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Wyndham Worldwide, Wyndham Vacation Ownership, Fraud Validation - Senior Management Speaks- A Robert Paisola Exclusive 2012

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For Western Capital Multimedia USAMarch 10, 2012Mr. Robert PaisolaCEO, The Timeshare Chronicles1-877-517-9555*Names of victims protected by Western Capital for Litigation Purposes

My name is ... (*Names of victims protected by Western Capital for Litigation Purposes)


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In 2007 and 2008, I was an awarded sales executive with Wyndham Vacation Resorts, Inc. employed by their Lahaina, Maui office. In the first six months of their opening on Maui, I was the top agent in every single sales category:

Robert Paisola,I pride myself on honesty, integrity and ethics "" quite ironically, the same values professed by Wyndham in just about every employment documentation and propaganda they release.

In timeshare parlance "" "I pitch it clean" and was a Senior Sales Executive, who did not rely on anyone else (a "closer", or what have you) to complete the sale. My success was based upon creating relationships with the client and treating them like human beings "" not numbers.

In 2012, I was recruited back to the Lahaina location by a Wyndham Sales Manager (also a recent re-hire, putting together a "team") who happens to be an old friend and co-worker at the same office years before.

For the purposes of this exposé, this manager was someone who shared the same ethical belief that you don't have to lie, cheat and steal to make a living. While I was in training, this manager who recruited me was fired for calling attention to nepotism and favoritism on the sales floor.

At that time, I had no idea how bad it had become…

Upon completion of my "training" - which in itself was a foray "into the gray", with a focus on how to say things a certain way, essentially to "get away with it" - I was put on the sales floor "" without a "team" or anyone who in any way had an interest in my success. Thus, I was limited in the ability to "close" my own deals. I was not given the opportunity to "show numbers" and I was required to use the biggest liars I have ever seen in my years in the business.

After receiving numerous items of sales "collateral" from management and witnessing the tactics that were pervasively used on the sales floor, I had a real problem with it and complained to senior management (Wyndham VP) stating that it was unnecessary to perpetrate the litany of lies I had witnessed and that I would not lie for them.

I requested that I not be required to use their "managers" to close the sale because I felt that they lied through their teeth and essentially violated the trust I had developed with my clients during the hour-and-a-half or so that I had spent with them. It was incredible to me the level of deception that these managers went to in order to "pull the card" or to complete the sale. It was one lie on top of another, for example:COMING SOON

This document, (utilizing inflated pricing "" I can assure you that no one paid these prices at the times indicated), was used to demonstrate "buy back" "" Wyndham's "first right-of-refusal" pricing. Essentially, the potential clients were told that if they bought today and they decided in the future that they did not want their timeshare anymore, Wyndham would "buy it back" for whatever the then going rate would be. This document was used to show "investment value" of their product, which is specifically not allowed by law and the terms of my Hawai'i Real Estate License "" I do not have the legal right whatsoever to make that claim.


These are used to create "urgency", as in "buy today or you won't get any of this". This is deceptive and frankly, not true. I have personally never seen a $289 week (and if I did, I'd doubt that it would be anywhere you'd like to stay…).

"Plus Partners" is $2395. Really? Plus partners is the ability to use your points for other travel goods and/or services, thus diluting the already incredibly diluted points…

Trading Places International is NOT exclusive to Hawai'i owners, etc.


These prices are used to illustrate comparative "value" to other Maui properties: These prices are completely inaccurate! (Used for no other reason than to illustrate Wyndham management's deception "" I KNOW these prices to be inaccurate!)And:COMING SOON

These prices are used to show grossly inflated prices that you will be required to pay if you do not purchase today. Firstly, no one pays these prices "" period. Secondly, I'd like to call attention to the grossly inflated "CWP Assessment" pricing ("Maintenance fees") demonstrated here and ask: How does one justify a huge drop in a maintenance fee that, according to Wyndham management at the site, "are mandated to be non-profit" by the State of Hawai'i? I do not feel this can be done with any integrity whatsoever. This pricing sheet was mandated by management, but I simply could not find a credible way to present this document, and these were the only prices I was allowed to show.COMING SOONAnd:

This document illustrates "Trading Power" showing that (the upsell to) "VIP" will somehow put you to the "front of the line" for trading. "VIP" is quite simply, ownership of a certain amount of points and is irrelevant to "Trading Power".

I could go on and on about what I witnessed and was provided by/at the hands of Wyndham Lahaina management including my being chastised for showing the potential customer the "Wyndham Book" which outlines the points actually needed to stay at their properties and the fact that numerous agents and managers actually mail the books to the clients after purchase to circumvent the Hawai'i 7-day rescission period, said rescission I understand is now better than 30% in that room! (This means that almost 1 out of 3 clients CANCELS their purchase when they got back to their hotel and actually discover what they just purchased). But now, I will call attention to an edit of a recording made at the Lahaina site between myself and Kenneth Adair "" Wyndham's site VP.: The first recording "Say what you need to say" is a Wyndham VP directing me to "say what I need to say at any cost" to put the numbers on the board "stick or kick "" it's OK until it's not OK". I complained, to Senior Management, Human Resources and the State of Hawai'i Department of Commerce and Consumer Affairs and was subsequently fired.

I believe for no other reason than my ethics were not in sync with current management philosophy.

Kenneth Adair , Senior Wyndham Vice President, Giving Illegal Instructions to Top Salesman(Insert "Say What You Need To Say" mp3 file - attached)The second recording is where I was informed of the "cruel reality" that no one, the site VP, the Director of Sales, nor any manager, cares. I was informed that I need to "take responsibility" and that "This is the hard part of this business - nobody wants to do that". Well, this is a major problem that I have with a publicly-traded, Fortune 1000 company telling me to "do what I need to do and say what I need to say "" at any cost" "" in order to ensure profit for the company… and that plainly and simply:" "Nobody cares".Well, you are wrong there: I care. And so do the clients that you are lying to.

Kenneth Adair , Senior Wyndham Vice President, Giving Illegal Instructions to Top Salesman(Insert "Nobody Cares" mp3 file - attached)The third recording is evidence that I had previously went to management requesting that I need not use "management" to close deals. I am a proven, successful agent that was previously promoted to NOT using a "closer". It appeared to me that significant offense was taken that I had the audacity to complain. I took offense to the consistency of lies perpetrated at this office and it cost me my job.

Kenneth Adair , Senior Wyndham Vice President, Giving Illegal Instructions to Top Salesman(Insert "Do My Own Backend" mp3 file "" attached)I have brought this all to the attention of Wyndham corporate and it appears that they do not have any concern as to the tactics of the Wyndham Lahaina sales office. Essentially, they have done nothing to curtail this unethical, deceptive and dishonest activity.

It seems that a philosophy of "profit at any cost" prevails.

It goes on to this day.


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I so agree with what he is saying. We were told at 2 differdnt failities owned by Wyndam thaft they would buy back.

A bold face lie! We paid over $90.000.00 and could no longer pay due to medical retirement. They would not work with me----took all the poins back, had us sign an ''in lieu of deed'' and put a bankruptcy report on my credit report which I have had to deal with for 6 years! One year to go!

The lies they told were unbelievable.

Las Vegas, Nevada, United States #930955

Wow, I'm just shocked that somebody would get that low and audio record people they work with. I left jobs in the past where I felt I had to be dishonest.

Sounds to me like a person who did not achieve much at work.

As a sales person mentioned he pitched clean the product he was selling. So there's nothing wrong with Wyndham properties or company - just be honest in your sales presentation. Just because other sales people lie because they simply don't have enough professional skills it doesn't mean something is wrong with the product or a program.

I know personally 5 people who own Wyndham timeshare and 1 person who owns Hilton and they love it. If there are customers who buy and enjoy their product how can something be wrong with the program?

If sales people over promised and said things they should not have, hold sales people responsible first of all.

Don't go around and say things about the company. Do you think every business is perfect - no! Can everything be improved - possibly.

But instead of bashing a company who hired you and gave an opportunity to put food on the table, change the industry from within, BE that honest sales person and follow your honest past in timeshare and sell people the product they would really love.

P.S. recording conversations with coworkers and management isn't the most honest way to begin with!

Fort Worth, Texas, United States #922443

I would like to know how I can get out from under a points timeshare that was purchased when I was married and given the timeshare in the divorce. At the time of purchase our income was well above my income now and I have to put my maintenance fees on a credit card to keep from defaulting.

I have asked Club Regina (Raintree Vacation Club) if they would release me as the timeshare itself is paid in full.

It is my understanding that Wyndham has bought part of the entity that my timeshare is with. If there is a way out of this that will not cost additional money to me please let me know.

to Swindled in Mexico #971728

if your still having issues email me at integrityfortimeshare@gmail.com. I"ll walk you through it.

And to address Robin you have no idea. And furthermore this sales rep has zero clue how far this goes or how corrupt their reservation system is. It is truly sickening. They steal from owners all day everyday.

I see this all the time. Track by ip.

show availability to certain ips while blocking savvy users. Not what you think at all

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